Joanna Davis Seedorf is a contemporary artist whose majority of work involves creating abstract and graphic paintings. She also works with space specific projects and design. Her work draws inspiration from microscopic and repetitive patterns in nature as well as daily life.  She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence and Rome and earned BFA majoring in Illustration. 

Davis Seedorf’s ideas are based on replication and microcosmos, echoing patterns and designs found in nature. She works with traditional drawing and painting media as well as sewing techniques and digital tools. Her signature creations combine a variety of materials that have acted as a catalyst for meditation and metaphysical exploration.  Joanna Davis Seedorf’s work has been exhibited in various galleries around the U.S. and the cover of Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern.  She was a finalist in the Visual Design Competition of the Frank Gherry designed Museo de Biodiversidad in Panama City, Panama.  Davis Seedorf is currently the Artist in Residence at Modern Art in Lancaster, PA and owner of Pancakes For Breakfast, a line of artwork for all.